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Peaceful Journey

Peaceful Journey: A Hospice Chaplain's Guide to End-of-Life is a book that examines the spiritual issues facing terminally ill patients and their families. Each chapter introduces the reader to a person with a spiritual issue that needs immediate attention.


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The book opens with 85 year old African-American woman who wonders if God hears her prayers. Other chapters explore loneliness and isolation, the dignity and value of every human being, honesty and openness, patience and persistence, why pain and suffering exist, the actual death of a person and the soul's journey, and the importance of dreams, visions, and other end-of-life phenomena.

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Spiritual Care Companion

scc_130x200Spiritual Care Companion: Guidance as End of Life Approaches

Matthew P. Binkewicz, the author of Peaceful Journey: A Hospice Chaplain's Guide to End of Life, has just published a 28 page booklet entitled, Spiritual Care Companion: Guidance as End of Life Approaches.

The booklet serves as a general spiritual care guide for patients and their families dealing with a terminal illness. Within these pages, patients and families can find some relief to the emotional and spiritual concerns they may encounter as they travel the final days with a dying loved one.

Brief scriptural quotations from the three major faiths in the United States - Judaism, Christianity, and Islam - provide guidance and comfort for those seeking answers to spiritual concerns. The booklet also includes a selection of prayers from a wide cross section of faiths.


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